Email, Belonging, and the Compelling ‘New’ Element of Persuasion


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Email and belonging …

This week, I’m noticing two themes emerging. One is email … not just the Copyblogger Weekly, but the kickoff on Wednesday of Brian Clark’s new 10-part mini course on email. Given that Brian is … well, Brian, I’m excited for this one. Look for a combination of pragmatic tactics you can use right away mixed with Brian’s deep-drill insights into what makes email marketing really work.

The other theme is belonging … whether it’s called membership (Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur podcast episode with Stu McLaren), exclusivity (Sean Jackson’s Copyblogger post), or even tribalism.

Robert Cialdini, author of the insanely useful Persuasion, calls it Unity in his brand-new book Pre-Suasion. I’ve got it loaded on my Kindle to read on my flight today back to the States for our live event and workshop in Denver next week … and I can’t wait to see many of you there. :)

When asked if this was a new principle, Cialdini admitted it had been there all along — underlying all of the other persuasion principles at such a fundamental level that it was nearly invisible.

What does unity have to do with email?

Email marketing is oddly intimate. You’re sending your messages into someone’s daily routine. Their coffee break, their second breakfast, their two minutes of escape from that weird office mate who eats smelly food and won’t wear headphones.

The inbox is a private space … one that needs to be treated with respect and care. When you plaster spammy content or ads around the web, that’s annoying but expected. But when you shoot crummy, irrelevant messages into our inboxes … we get enraged homicidal mad.

Email should be for your community of belonging. Your peeps. The folks who believe what you believe, and value what you value.

Is it okay to sell in email? Absolutely. That’s what business is for … to sell products and services. That doesn’t need to be disrespectful or creepy … and if it is, you’re doing it wrong.

Enjoy the week’s content, and I’ll catch you next Thursday!


By the way, Pamela Wilson and I will talk more about the Hows and Whys of the Copyblogger Weekly in next week’s Copyblogger FM, which will air on Monday, October 10.

— Sonia Simone

Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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