Successfully Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook      Facebook is the number one social media and number two most visited web site in the world and has been responsible for bringing about a whole social media revolution. Facebook can be THE most important asset for marketers across niches once leveraged in the right way.

Let’s check few facts about Facebook first:

  • Mark Zuckerberg, together with his college roommates at Harvard University (Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes) created Facebook back in February 2004
  • Facebook is currently valued at over $350 Billion
  • Facebook was called facemash (for legal problems it was changed to Facebook)
  • Started trading on Nasdaq in 2012
  • Facebook has 1.7 BILLION active monthly users
  • 5 new profiles are created every second and 510,000 comments are posted every minute.
  • There are 1.57 BILLION active mobile facebook users.
  • As at Q2 2016 Facebook user base is growing @ 15% year-on-year.
  • 1.13 BILLION (66%) of users login every single day.
  • Users average 20 minutes per visit.
  • Every 20 minutes 1 MILLION links shared every single day.
  • 51% of fans are more likely to purchase from brands they “like” on Facebook, so you better make sure many people like your business on Facebook.
  • The number of active Facebook users (1.7 BILLION) is nearly as great as the 1.8 BILLION combined active users of WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter put together.
  • Here in 2016, a Facebook fan (like) is worth an average of $175, varying from brand to brand. 68% of marketers say Facebook ads are effective in fan and customer acquisition. Do you think they are making some money out of it? Of course they are.
  • Meaning if YOU are not marketing on facebook properly YOU are leaving money on the table.



Learn The Best Strategy to Work With Your FB Target Audience


You can use all or some of the techniques to start getting results. Focus on one strategy at first, implement it and  start getting results before moving to the next one.

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Cracking The Graph Search Ninja

Facebook graph search is one of the smartest ways to search and build your target market. You can have as many as 5000 targeted friends from your target market within 90 days using this technique.

Facebook graph search options continue to evolve almost every month as they keep on tweaking things but the basic principles always remain the same.

Let’s jump straight into a typical facebook account:


The area inside the red coloured rectangle is known as the facebook graph search box.


If I type the keyword “Make Money Online”, this automatically shows me groups with the same or similar keywords each having thousands of members.



Similarly if I type the keyword “Pitbull Lovers” I will be notified with groups from that niche:


Do you see how easy it is to find people inside facebook having similar interest?


Now you can join these groups and start connecting with people inside.


Or you can further use graph search to communicate with people.

Once you have joined a group you can ask the members to add you as a friend. Once they are friends you can also send them a direct message within Facebook. An example would be – “Hey so nice to see you in the Make Money Online group. I really enjoyed your recent post. We certainly have a common passion about building our businesses online. Let’s connect and share some cool ideas to grow.”


Now guess what will happen. Since you have built a common interest with this member the chances are much higher that this person will reply back to you and connect. You can mutually share experience, advice and post on each others groups/timeline.

But a word of caution…

Do not add more than 15-20 people per day using graph search. Once you have sizeable number of friends from the same industry you will see the ripple effect kicking in and people will also start asking to be your friend – that’s different to you asking to be a friend so you can accept as many of those as you like.

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